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Images brought over from Wordpress not showing up in posts

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I moved my entire site over from Wordpress this month, and about 80% of images came over fine. What went missing were galleries (probably because some were created using plugins, so I get that), but a lot of the ones that are missing should definitely have come through. In the screenshot, you see one of my site's pages. All the images except the featured image are missing. When I click to edit an image, I get a file location URL like this: img src="https://sunflower-orchid-ptr4.squarespace.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/thjumpfabric1.jpg" title="" alt=""/

So....what happened to the actual image, and how do I retrieve it? The search feature doesn't allow me to search through my uploaded images--only through the free library. Unfortunately, I don't have these images saved offline (unless they are on a backup drive somewhere), so I am really stuck if I can't retrieve them from the files that transferred with the XML file.

Please tell me there's a way to fix this!



Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 12.34.33 PM.png

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I am currently trying to import a heavy content Wordpress site to Squarespace. It's mostly a blog website. I am having a similar issue, however none of the images are showing up.

I have followed the steps in Squarespace support. I have uninstalled the plugins on Wp end, the xml file imports successfully, but still no images.

I would love any help, suggestions in this matter! Thank you.

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