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Social sharing for version 7.1

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Has anyone found a way to add social share buttons to posts on the 7.1 version? The support center explained this was not available for 7.1 -which I think is a huge miss with this version- but they suggested I reach out in the community forum for help with any work arounds. 

Any suggestions?



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I couldn't agree more! I've just come here to find out how, this is just the strangest thing that they've taken it away in 7.1.  Let's hope there is a solution.

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Hi Jluke, so I found out how to add share buttons if you haven't already:

1. Go to https://sharethis.com/platform/share-buttons-2/?utm_source=googleadwords&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Search_NB_SocialShare&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6LSrjKmX6AIVkg4rCh3MGwfQEAAYASAAEgIGXfD_BwE

2. It's super easy, but when after you select Activate Now, scroll down and click "customise your share buttons" to pick and choose those you want and don't and their look and location. Unforuntately they don't have any nice sexy buttons, just the standard, but at least you have them.

3. I only wanted them on my blog posts, so for each blog, I added the code to Settings -- Advanced -- Post Blog Item Code Injection. But you could do the same for any page you want to add them to.

4. And it's done. It's free by the way, you just have to register.


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