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Tracking email links back to user

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I want to segment my email lists by audience.

I have set up a simple 'voting' feature with links. In my email, when they click on a link, I can see what they clicked in Google Analytics because of URL parameters. For example, `http://example.com?audience=beginner`.

The Problem
It seems that I have no way to trace the email back. In Squarespace I can see the link they clicked, but the parameters are stripped from the link. I thought about maybe including their email in a parameter, but that feature doesn't seem to be included.

Advice to solve this problem is greatly appreciated.

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Hi MirandaLemons,

I have several years of email marketing experience, and you can actually use some super-affordable email tracking services for granular email tracking (email tracking really accelerates sales :D).  Here is a G2 grid that lists out several vendors, but me personally, I've really enjoyed using Veloxy email tracking, and Yesware email tracking.

Hope this helps,


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