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Missing Sitemap. Squarespace 7.1

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My site is producing a blank sitemap (https://www.silettofamilyvineyards.com/sitemap.xml). I contacted Squarespace support and they said my Custom CSS is most likely preventing the sitemap from displaying correctly. I've never encountered this issue with Squarespace 7.0 websites and I'm wondering if this is specific to 7.1. 

I'm using custom CSS to add 50% transparency to the dropdown menus in the navigation (https://www.silettofamilyvineyards.com).

Does anyone know how I can produce a sitemap without removing the custom CSS?



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Remove your CSS (save it somewhere for later) and then reload the site. If the sitemap doesn't appear, get back in touch with Customer Care.

If your custom code has been removed and the problem persists, it's a technical issue that Squarespace will need to investigate. I find that the online chat service is best for resolving issues like this because you can usually resolve it during the chat.

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Has anyone figured out the answer? i had css design as i have been editing my site... i had a sitemap 3 days ago and its now disappeared and my css was there from the beginning... also once we get our site map ...is there a way for us to add it to our site so ppl can see all the clickable links / pages or do we have to do it manually

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