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Google Analytics not logging my site through Google Ads

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I'm working on a client site, partnering up with an agency to set the Analytics side of things. They just told me that Google Analytics is not logging usage data from the site when it's accessed through Google Ads.

The agency suggests it has something to do with the robots.txt file. They ended up sending me a default one for adding up to the site but I don't know whats really happening or even if that is the actual problem.

Can someone point me some way to resolve this?

Thanks a bunch!

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@bogdan Hey man, thanks for the late reply.

So, I've checked with the agency and it seems that the Analytics <> Ads integration is fine. But there is some agents in the robots.txt of the Squarespace site that are set to disallow. They're asking if there is any problem in setting them to allow by figuring this would log the Ads traffic source in Analytics.

Any thoughts on that?


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