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How to limit a service or product to one per order


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For one of my service that I offer on my website, I would like my customers to be limited to only 1 quantity  per order.  Basically, I don't want them to be able to press "add service" twice to the cart. How can I do that?

Furthermore, once the customer is on the checkout page, the quantity field is editable. How can I make it uneditable so that the quantity is fixed to 1 ?

Thanks ahead for your time in answering this. 




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On 1/14/2020 at 2:30 PM, ctwolfe said:

How to limit a service or product to one per order

It depends on whether you want to limit a service or a physical product.

Service Product: To prevent customers from buying more than one of any service product at a time, uncheck Let Customers Buy Multiple Service Products in Checkout settings


Physical Product: There isn't a way to enforce this for a physical product but you can encourage it by hiding the quantity option so that users don't have the opportunity to change it to more than one. You can also enable Express Checkout so that the customer is sent straight to the checkout, bypassing the cart and further shopping.

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I had same question - I do not want them to purchase more than 1 service.   

I do not know what version I have, but the instructions someone wrote for all those 'brino, etc. versions', did not work for my version but - Thank God - these steps listed below did fix it.

Home page

go to 'Commerce'

go down to 'Checkout'

go to 'Service Product Limits' and 'uncheck' this box.     yeah!  This worked for me, hope it works for you.

Allow customers to buy more than one service product at at time.

Let Customers Buy Multiple Service Products


J.Stone from StonepointDS  4/7/22

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