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I there a way to allow the images in a gallery to have click-through functionality?

I don't want to use gallery blocks as it messes with the dimensions. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!


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No, this is not possible on Wells. 

Support for clickthrough URLs on 7.0 Gallery Pages is as follows:

  • Adirondack - Yes. Slideshow design only.
  • Avenue - No
  • Aviator - Yes
  • Bedford - Yes
  • Brine - Yes
  • Farro - Yes
  • Five - Yes
  • Flatiron - Yes
  • Forte - Yes
  • Galapagos - Yes
  • Ishimoto - Yes
  • Momentum - No
  • Montauk - No
  • Native - Yes
  • Pacific - Yes
  • Skye - Yes
  • Supply - Yes
  • Tremont - Yes
  • Wells - No
  • Wexley - No
  • York - Yes. Not supported on Project Pages.

More information.


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