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SEO keywords: how change them?

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I'm not experienced with SEO, but have somehow made some basics on our page for a small design studio.

I am using a Cover Page: "Trade" as front page. 

I cannot see where I can change the "keywords" - the blue ones I assume is picked up in search on Google etc. We have changed the focus area a little and want to take out some of the services that we are not focusing atm. 

This is url; https://www.hoth.is


I have attached some screens to show you:


Clicking the clog gives me this:



It's the keywords in blue that I will like to change, not only for this page but also for the pages that I have not published atm.


Then it's this after clicking the "Edit Website SEO Settings" link




Can anyone help out and direct me to what I need to do or if this is something that I cannot do etc. 

Thank you in advance -

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It is currently pulling your site title from Design > Logo & Title. If you want to leave that as your site title, but change the SEO title, just type over where it says %s in SEO Title Format in your list image there - that changes it for the entire site.

If you'd like to change it for a particular page, go to any page's Settings SEO and type in an SEO title there for the page.  


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