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Hi Michael, I'm wanting to do the same thing as you. 

I found a solution which might be useful depending on your needs.


1 - make a button block and on the options click file, then upload your image. Click Save.

2 - once you've saved and the image is on the site go back to edit the button, click file, copy the name of the image you uploaded.

3 - make a code block and reference that image that you just uploaded.


Not an ideal fix at all but it is just about possible to get them on the site.

I'd love to see WebP support in the future, it'd be a great feature to have.


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On 5/16/2020 at 12:47 AM, WiseDogStudio said:

And how do you support those browsers that don't support WebP images I.e. Safari. 

We appear to be at one of those development crossroads right now @WiseDogStudio, but there seems little doubt that WebP is the most likely contender for 'next-gen image format'. It's just unfortunate that we're in a transition period right now. However, given the usability and commercial considerations involved, it's likely that all browser flavours will have to support the newer formats in the near future. From a client perspective (I deal with some product brands with extensive image libraries), I'm working with their people to ensure that they're converting libraries to WebP in readiness, even if they're not deploying yet.

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