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Alternate page with proper canonical tag error

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My website is using a 3rd party filter system which is universal filter. As a result, different category product pages are not indexed as Google Search Console sees it as a (duplicate) Alternate page with proper canonical tag. Please find attached screenshot for Google Search Console error.

So for example,  Biodegradable products is seen as an alternate page of 
the main category page



Solution by Googlehttps://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/139066

Can someone explain how do i make Google Search Console to index these (supposedly duplicate/alternate) pages? (I believe this is hurting my SEO keywords ranking)

Is this caused by AJAX loading, if so can how can i solve this while enabling AJAX loading?

(Can this be solved by adding a dynamic JSON-LD to each category filter?)



ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 07 17.25.png

ScreenHunter_04 Jan. 07 17.26.jpg

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Hallo... Thank you for sharing.. I have some issue too for almost all of my website including wordpress website and non wordpress website. 

This is the wordpress website: https://cutik.net/
for this one seems like there is a conflict coding because of the plugins. But I have too wait for google to crawl my website back.
The other website is https://era.julizar.com/id. This one I don't have any Idea how to solve it now since this one is not wordpress website. My problem with this website https://era.julizar.com/ is waiting for google to crawl after fixing the issue, but then after waiting for a long time, the problem become bigger and bigger with so many Alternate page with proper canonical tag error.
See screen shot:
The same issue with my root domain https://julizar.com/id. This one is even scary than other website above, see the sceen shot: 
Any of you can help me with this? I want my website without error.


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