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I have a website and i want to ask how much the expert will gonna help me if i switched my website to this platform? are there really care about me or they don't even care about me. I am new here and want to ask if i face issue in designing my website, will people who are here in this community will help me or not? I will highly appreciate if any of them are ready to help me here.

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With hiring, you should post to Squarespace group on facebook, eg: Squarespace Community, Squarespace Entrepreneurs,...

Here, you can get support for simple custom code, get advice...

COVID-19Free priority support for all users (29/03 - 30/04). You can tag me (@tuanphan) or send to my email.

With paid support, see here


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Hi Pinky, 

For assistance with building and setting up your site on Squarespace you can contact Customer Support at anytime. Squarespace offers real-time support through live chat Monday through Friday between 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time and email support 24/7. See this help guide for more details:

How do I contact Squarespace Customer Support?

This forum is an online community for Squarespace users users to find and share solutions that fall outside the scope of Squarespace Customer Support. Here Squarespace users and professionals discuss best practices, seek advice, and share coding solutions for advanced customization of our platform.

Alternatively and if you’re interested in hiring a designer to help with your Squarespace site, while Squarespace doesn't have an internal team for this, it's possible to get help to be connected with an independent Squarespace Expert. Check this guide for further details here:

About Squarespace Marketplace

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