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Open subpage from Flatiron Index page without # in url?


Hi all. The Flatiron template has a function where subpages opened from an index page have a special url with a # in it. This changes the formatting of the subpages, and I would prefer they open with their regular url (without a hashtag) so that they always look the same no matter how they are accessed. Does anyone know how to do this, or custom CSS to adjust the template? Thank you!

I've attached pictures from my site to show what I mean - the first is with the hashtag: https://www.emmakimmel.com/#/francesco-bassano/

And without the hashtag: https://www.emmakimmel.com/francesco-bassano

with hashtag.png

without hashtag.png

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Have the same issue. For me the site looks correct when the '/#' is in the url, so when a subpage is accessed through google (sans /#) it's incorrect..

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I have the same problem. Layout pages will not display at all when accessed through index/portfolio.

Major problem!

Squarespace, please help with this bug!!


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