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I have searched through posts made by other photographers as far back as 2013.  How is Squarespace not adding this feature to help and support photographers like myself.  We are coming in to 2020 and as far as Im aware Squarespace still doesn't offer this feature!  I am a wedding , Events photographer & videographer and more..  A client gallery which my clients can view & select their photo's.  Its a must for us full time photographers and yet we don't have this feature !  C'mon Squarespace, sort it out !

Photographers choose Squarespace for it's professional layouts, easy to manage, but surely if photographers have to go to third party companies for this feature, your losing customers and that's bad for business.  As a business, we need to keep traffic on our website, not direct them to another site and you don't need me to tell you that.

Can we please have this feature, Client Proofing is an essential feature for photographers.  I'm stunned to find that you don't have it since you claim to be the best website for photographers.  It's a basic feature, yet we don't have it ?

Okay, rant over.  Maybe it can be a New Year feature !  Work with us Squarespace, we are your customers, your lifeline.

Client Proofing & Client Selective Downloads Please !

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Mark Standish Photography Ltd

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This forum is not monitored for product feature requests. To ensure your feedback reaches the appropriate team at Squarespace it is best to raise a ticket through Customer Care

Hi, I'm Paul, founder of SF Digital, a specialist company building the features that Squarespace didn't include.
Explore our range of Squarespace Extensions, including the Wishlist, Variant Availability and Datepicker Extension
Note that links in my posts may be affiliate links. Need personal help? 
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