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Combine all my pages as a continuous view?


Hi everyone.

I'm using Squarespace as a tool to post announcements in my app, like the following screen.
(Banner A/B/C is different pages and click them can open a in-app webview of that page. I already got few of them running on my app.)

FYI image >>> https://imgur.com/axl1UQj

My question is: Can I use Squarespace to automatically combine all my pages as a continuous view?

For example, when I open Banner A, I can scroll to the bottom of it and Banner B can automatically show up and Banner C/D/E... etc.
Which means, after click every banner, it still shows its page but you can scroll up and down to see former/later pages.

I saw there is Infinite Scroll function in tutorial, but only for certain template and I'm not sure it's suitable for my case.

Please share the solution with me or where I can find the answer. Thanks and happy new year!



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I have been desperately seeking for this answer

I want my blog post to have an infinite scroll only after clicking on the blog post and not when on list view


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