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Squarespace Developer Mode cant see local folders

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Hi @LianLim.

It's possible that something isn't working right for you, but it's also common to misunderstand how the Squarespace Dev. platform works. When you obtain the template files for a site via Git or SFTP, you will not see a representation of the pages themselves. What you get is a group of files that represent the "templating system" that determines how the pages look and behave.

So you should not expect to see a page-by-page representation, unless you are referring specifically to the static pages feature, which can also be hard to understand in itself.

If you can provide further clarification of what you're expecting to see, what you're trying to accomplish and what you're currently seeing, that might help provide additional insight to you. Perhaps even a screenshot of what you're seeing, file-wise.


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Okay, that clarifies things. It is a common expectation to be able to see the pages you've created using Squarespace's editing UI. However, that's not how the Squarespace Dev. platform works, despite being a common misunderstanding.

Besides the static pages you've created within /pages, you will not see a per-page representation of your site. The files you see are a templating system. The pages you have created via the Squarespace editing UI are rendered based on the .region files. The page layout you select from the page's settings panel within the Squarespace editing UI determines which .region file(s) will be used to render the page when a user arrives to it.

Said another way, each page does not exist as an independent HTML document. Rather, it is rendered on-demand by the server, for the user, based on your template files. Changing a .region file will affect all pages that utilize it, when a page is rendered in real-time as users arrive to your site.

When you create a new page using the Squarespace editing UI, the existence of that page is recorded as part of the database/infrastructure for your site, apart from your template files. Squarespace's servers then know to render the page based on your template files and the layout you selected for the page. Therefore, you won't see a representation of the page in the template files, but you can change the appearance and behavior of the page by altering the template files.

To affect pages individually, you must either create individual layouts (that is, combination of .region files and layout definition within the template.conf file) or use {.equal?} predicates within the .region files in order to "target" specific pages/contexts. And even then, you will not have access to the HTML within a given Squarespace {main-content} area or block-field, and so you are still somewhat limited.

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