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How can I set the alt text of an image to be blank?

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I am trying to set the alt text on an image to be blank.


So far I have tried ...

  • leaving the caption empty and turning the caption off (This leads to the image name as the alt text)
  • setting the caption to a bunch of spaces and then turned the caption off. (this leads to the image name as the alt text)

Anyone have other ideas?

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Would love to hear some answers for this! I'm running into all kinds of alt text issues on Squarespace - how to hide the alt text, how to add alt text to a banner image, etc. Have they not considered accessibility issues? Why isn't this straightforward?

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Hey @e2thex and @kika.tuff,

Still having headaches with this? Our team offers alt text management as part of our Squarespace accessibility monitoring service. We write appropriate alt text for each image and use custom code to override Squarespace's default alt text values where needed (including null alt values for backgrounds and decorative images). We also have custom solutions to augment Squarespace templates for full WCAG 2.1 AA and ADA compliance.

Feel free to send me a DM or check out our website (www.squareada.com) if you're interested.


Is your Squarespace website ADA compliant? Find out with our free accessibility audit.

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