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Forte Galleries do not scroll on iPads running iOS 13x

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Greetings to all ... 

Unfortunately I have been experiencing a problem for sometime with getting Galleries to scroll either vertically or horizonally on iOS 13.x. I reported this problem a few months ago (when iOS 13 came out) to both apple and to squarespace but I havent been able get a fix yet.

Does anybody have some ideas how to get it running properly? If you want to test yourself visit https://thinkbuild.com/soteria-berlin on an ipad running 13.x - or any other gallery on our projects page - and you will see it does not scroll. On an iphone or of course a mac or other machine it works as expected... strange...

Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated!

Cheers from Berlin,


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I am having the same issue with my Forte site https://houseDesignArchitects.com. Client is pretty upset - because he uses an Ipad out in the field. I am new to posting in Circle - is this the right place to ask for help? I do not know how to fix this - please redirect me to the correct forum for help. Thanks! K

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Is there any news on this issue? I'm experiencing the same problem. When I contacted support via chat, they said my problem is caused by page sizes that are too large. While it's true my pages exceed the recommended sizes, that's not what is causing the problem. I can scroll galleries fine on my older ipad (ios 10.xx), desktop, and iPhone, but they are frozen on my iPad Pro running ios 13.3. 

What are any of you doing to address it? Is there another template that looks similar but works better?  

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