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API publishing auto generated content


Hi! I've been working through the developer guides for 3 hours thus far.

I have a client that would like to publish a few hundred new pages on a routine basis (and obviously would prefer not to manually create them).

One overarching question that I have is - is there a REST API that I can programmatically push new content to for the Squarespace CMS?

The developer docs seem focused purely on the look and feel of the site via templates.

Possible leads I've come across:

  • Overloading the products integration seems a little rough and limiting (predefined csv fields)
  • Importing blogs looks to be limiting in size
  • Using the /pages for static site HTML pages (but would not benefit from the CMS and presumably SEO)
  • Autogenerating a wordpress/blogger/tumblr site to then have it imported would probably be terrible

No is an OK response.




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Hi @devbrew

Sadly for you, that's not how Squarespace Developer Mode works. There's absolutely nothing available to help you achieve this goal.

That's not saying it's not possible, but the effort involved is likely to be far greater than building a site on a CMS where you can code the backend. Squarespace isn't that CMS. As you've found from the docs, the platform was built to allow developers outside Squarespace, the freedom to build sites/templates that go beyond the capabilities of the consumer templates. That said, it's just a templating tool in JSON-T, with a few other tools for custom data types.   

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