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Discount - Multiple Purchase of Same Item

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I am looking for some help. We sell training courses through the site. On some courses we offer a multiple delegate discount 

For example; The individual price decreases based on the number of spaces booked on the course

1 person - £250

2 ppl - £187.50 

3 ppl - £166.76

4 ppl - £156.25

I cannot seem to get the discount section to do what I am trying to achieve.  At the moment purchasers select the date and number of delegates  see link for example (Buy Operator Licence Awareness Training). It is currently quite confusing and messy. It would be great for a purchaser to select the course date, the number of attendees and the price be automatically calculated.

Can anybody help with this?

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I'd try setting up the number of attendees as options within the product. Each option can have the price you set. You'd need to do this for each course.

You can add a form to the course product also, if you want the buyer to able to choose more selections (like a specific date among those you list on the form) or names of attendees.

The nice thing about the forms is that you can make one form and then use it for more than one course or other product.

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