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Blogging with Squarespace

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Hi I'm starting a small business and will slowly be working on my website over the next few months however I'm looking to start blogging immediately. I know that I can just make a blog page as part of a Squarespace website on one subscription. However as I want to start blogging now, I wondering if I am able to publish just the blog in the meantime or do I need a second, independent blog site subscription that I will have to later connect to the website subscription once it is established?

Thanks in advance!

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2 hours ago, fabrizio said:

You can start and publish only your blog page. This will be your home and only page and anytime later you can add pages as needed.

Thanks for replying! So does this mean that each page has its only publication button and can't be seen by the public until each one has been published individually? I just don't want the public to see the work in progress pages when the visit the blog. 

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