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How to integrate google Customer Reviews survey opt-in module?


I have to add this:

<!-- BEGIN GCR Opt-in Module Code -->

<script src="https://apis.google.com/js/platform.js?onload=renderOptIn"

 async defer>




 window.renderOptIn = function() {

   window.gapi.load('surveyoptin', function() {




         "merchant_id": "MERCHANT_ID",

         "order_id": "ORDER_ID",

         "email": "CUSTOMER_EMAIL",

         "delivery_country": "COUNTRY_CODE",

         "estimated_delivery_date": "YYYY-MM-DD",


         // OPTIONAL

         "products":[{"gtin":"GTIN1"}, {"gtin":"GTIN2">}],

         "opt_in_style": "OPT_IN_STYLE"





<!-- END GCR Opt-in Module Code -->



To the confirmation page, but I'm missing dynamic values for the " "estimated_delivery_date" and gtin1 and gtin2.


I figure order id one can use the tag squarespace provides {orderId}  as well as email address.


But I can't find other values anywhere, not even customer service knows.


Can someone help me?


I am trying to collect seller reviews and product reviews so I can show these badges  on shopping ads from google ads.


Has anyone done this or have they used a review aggregator? Or is there another service which will accomplish this?





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I came on here to ask the exact same question. I'm having a lot of difficulty having it show up on my page. The GCR badge shows up without a problem, but the survey isn't popping up. 

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I'm trying to do this as well. Has anyone been successful with implementing this?

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