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password box html and javascript


I have a password box that is working but the user has to enter the password in twice in order for it to connect to the corresponding page.  I'll post the javascript below.  I would like for the user to only have to enter the password in once.  I have no idea why this is happening.


 // JavaScript Document

 *  Change the passwords and urls here
 *  Make sure the passwords and urls are in the same order
const passwords = ["7654", "6243", "video", "locked", "house", "road", "crescenthotel", "three", "sudoku", "seven", "book", "pig", "before", "photographs"];

const urls = [

// Get submit element
const submit = document.getElementById("submit");

// When form is submitted, run passwordinput function
submit.onclick = passwordinput;

// Function that handles form action
function passwordinput(e) {
  // Value in password input
  let password = document.getElementById("pass").value;

  // Makes password lowercase in case of caps lock
  if (passwords.includes(password.toLowerCase())) {
    // Get the index of the password
    const index = passwords.indexOf(password.toLowerCase());

    // Redirect to different page based on the index
    location.href = urls[index];
  } else {
    // Display a message that the password was wrong
    let div = document.getElementById("text");
    div.innerHTML = "<p>Try again!</p>";

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