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Rewards Points for purchases???

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Hey all! I'm new to squarespace...finally jumping in and starting my own website from the success I've had in my Etsy shop! Just wondering if anyone uses or knows of any kind of program that allows you give customers rewards points for purchases that can later be converted towards $ off discounts, etc?  I'm really interested in adding this to my site, but haven't found a company that does it yet.  Any insights would be great! Thank you! :)


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I too need this exact same answer.  When I was with Weebly, I was able to use Swell, a third party service, that integrated with my site.  It was all automatic and linked to my customers.  It was great!  Swell and any others out there that I have been able to find now do not work with Squarespace for some reason.  Of course, I keep going back to finding that Shopify is one that they all work with among many other features I would like to have that I cannot get with Squarespace. 

Anyone have an answer for this?

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I see this question asked over and over and nobody ever responds.  In fact, any question I ask that has to do with features Squarespace does not offer gets ignored.  I cannot be the only one out there who wants these things or has these questions.

I have taken a LOT of time researching on the web, and there does not seem to be a real simple and inexpensive solution to this.  You need a loyalty program third party, then in some cases, you need another third party to connect Squarespace to the loyalty software... UGH...  It seems completely crazy nuts and either too complicated or too expensive for me.


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Hi everyone, I have a client that is looking into this and I might be able to look into this for each of you as well. If this is something you need help with or anything else SS related, please contact us at www.Ambitdesign.com...

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