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Monitor our external sites on our Squarespace site


Hi everyone!

I am fairly new to Squarespace. Our company is currently creating a new website, which is basically just a front to our cloud based software. The website is being run on squarespace servers, but our software is run on our own servers. This means if our servers are taken down for maintenance etc. we could probably monitor that the server is up or down and show it to users trying to log on through our squarespace website.

Has anyone done this before? Is there any code we can use to monitor if the site is up or down and show it through text or image on our site?

Any help would be great, thanks!

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You can use UptimeRobot.com

If your site goes down/up, it will text to SMS/Email/Twitter/Voice call.

Also, it allow you to create a Status page with custom domain, eg: uptime.yourdomain.com (you can use Iframe to embed this site on certain page on Squarespace Site)

and it show all up/down status there.

UptimeRobot has Free/Paid Plan. Free: check every 5 minutes. Paid: check every 1 minute.


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