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Order Fulfilled Email - Remove Delivery Line


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Hi, I didn't see this question before, so I hope someone can help!

We don't deliver any items in our online store. Everything is pick-up only. However, the "order fulfilled" email automatically includes a section about delivery.

I read here that if you leave the tracking information blank, the delivery section is blank. True, but it still has the header, "Delivery" on all our emails with a blank section below it. How can I remove the ENTIRE delivery section?

Thank you!

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If you don’t deliver anything it may be better to set up your products as services instead of physical products. This way your customers won’t have to enter a delivery address at checkout and the deli

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I am looking for a solution for this too. My customer offers pick up and delivery, and are hoping there's a way for an if/then statement in the email fullfilled template for when the pick up delivery option is selected. Their customers are confused when getting the email confirmation saying the order is fulfilled.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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I am looking for a solution for this too. We delivery items by ourselves, so no need to inform tracking number and shipping operators. Is there any way to remove or adjust the template ?

thanks, Donald

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