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Display Gallery Block image at 100% size (not fit to screen)


Hi all - I'm currently designing a site with some portfolio pages for a writer which holds both print and online designs.  The challenge is that some of these layouts are very VERY vertically long, and when you click on the gallery block image, the lightbox version of the image fits it to the page.  Normally this is fine (if not preferred) for most images, but for these long images, it would be much better if they displayed at their full, 100% size so you can actually read the copy in the layouts.  (Since my client is a writer, this is actually critical to the usefulness of these pages).  

I'm looking to see if there's any CSS workaround to having specific gallery block images display at 100% instead of forcing them to "fit the page".  

Here's one of the portfolio pages in question so you can see: https://www.heatheraimeeoneill.com/portfolio-categories/healthcare
The password is Heather2019

Thank you!

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Hi Tuanphan - No, I wasn't able to resolve this how I wanted (as detailed in my post).  I ended up turning off the lightbox and hyperlinking to the backend image files so that they'd open in a new tab where the user could view them at 100%.  Not ideal, but the client is happier.  Ideally these would open in lightbox mode and allow you to to zoom in and use all of the lightbox functionality, but alas... 

If anyone has a solution for this, I would still be very interested!  Thank you!

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