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I have lists of wheelchairs with

name model    weight    wheel sizes     wheel type   foldable    color

Chair A            10lbs             22"                      Spoke        Yes.           Paisley 


How are the Gargle Botts going to handshake with the tables?  


Do a plain text file.

The text files are a terror to get the spacing right.

AND the text file will be easy for any yahoo to copy with no problem.

As I write, the items and data are being entered from a text file into a spreadsheet/table that an be a csv or whatever.  

It was suggested to connect via google sheets.  I would think that would increase load time thus yet again... the Gargle Botts having a frowney face.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance...


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Thank you so very much.  I saw a plugin that seems to do such a thing.  How to attach it is another story..  Enjoy the day.

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