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Review Widgets only display when refreshing


Hello everybody,

A while ago I installed the star widget and facebook comment box and ran into some problems. It never displayed until I would refresh my browser. (It's the same with Opera, Mozilla and Chrome) I will attach a couple of screenshots that will show you the problem. I wasn't really too concerned but now I decided to go with a better rating widget, I chose to try Bawkbox. I placed the code under each product. This new widget (paid version) has the same issue and it only displays correctly when I refresh the page. 
Unfortunately my coding knowledge goes as far as copy and paste. I do believe in the importance of public reviews and ratings of products though and really would like this to work.
Do you have any idea what this is caused by?



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It's likely an issue with AJAX. You'll need to turn it off in Design > Site Styles. Detailed instructions by template are here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000253288-Ajax-loading


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Sorry for the late reply. I Didnt like it. Lot's of bugs and it slowed down the website too much. that being said I don't really know what I am doing half of the time. Some others might be able to add some code or things like that to fix some of the problems.

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