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What is Best SEO Strategy?

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Hi Peeps, I am tired of doing seo in my wordpress site therefore, I decided to move myself to squarespace very soon. So can you guyz please tell me what are the easiest and quick way to do seo when using squarespace platform? This will be really appreciated. I am using Yoast at the moment on wordpress but backend interface is not so friendly which is taking a lot of my time, completely fed up.  Your valuable response means a lot to me. TIA.

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There are foundational SEO activities that every business should prioritize

  1. Create rich authoritative content for your site. The average home page has 1900 words on it
  2. Have a good website that is built on a platform that is SEO / Google friendly. It needs to be responsive, secure, easy to navigate, and have clear contact information
  3. Check your HTML for best SEO practices. Use free tools such as Yoast and All in One, to uncover areas for improvement.
  4. Get links for your site  (“Do follow links” - Google this for a definition) Links are used by Google to rate the quality of your site. Links from high domain authority and high page authority websites will enhance your authority with Google and improve your placement in search results 
  5. Claim your GMB  (Google my Business Page). This page is considered by Google to be every business’ landing page. Add to your GMB weekly -  photos, videos, hours, reviews, post questions with answers 
  6. Ask customers to review you. Do this consistently and build your reviews

If this is too much for you to take on, consider hiring an expert in your city 


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Hi Lena,

As John said, it's very important to claim your Google My Business Listing. This map listings are showing up on Google even before the website results. It's one of the most important keys to success in seo when it comes to local business.

I have been testing all these practices since I started to work in a digital marketing agency called Clixpert as a SEO Specialist. So, I can guarantee you that it works. 

Another critical point for businesses wishing to rank well in the local organic search results is the NAP consistency. NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. Please, let me know if you need any further information.


Have a good day,





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Posted (edited)

I found that it helps the search engines to find a site if you help it to do so. Get your friends and family to go to it, the more hits you make yourself the more you get from organic searches. It isn't just about alt text and wordy titles. It is about content, images, having an about page, things that make your site interesting to humans also make it "interesting" to search engines. I built two sites full of images, and it helped push them to the top of the search engine pages really fast when I asked my co-members of a 12,000 member Facebook photography group (Sony Digital Photography)  to visit my sites. 

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