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Video Header for Brine

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I create my website in Brine and add in the Homepage Header a video (upload with Youtube link). It works but I see that the page load very slow and sometimes crush. Also I see that youtubes icon that I don't really like. Do we have another option to have a video header like this? 


My website is : www.versovisual.com


Thank you very much for your help 

Edited by cristina.mrjn

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2 hours ago, cristina.mrjn said:

I see that the page load very slow and sometimes crash

Video length and resolution factor into the video file size. Large video files take longer to load and could cause the video to pause mid-stream, depending on the visitor's connection.

2 hours ago, cristina.mrjn said:

I see youtubes icon that I don't really like

Depending on the layout you choose and the device your visitors use, they may see a YouTube logo in the bottom right corner of the video. This is applied by YouTube and cannot be removed, although you may be able to make it more subtle by applying the Blur filter to your video.


For more reliable videos, I recommend that you upload your video to Vimeo and use a paid plan. This will allow you to display videos without logos or related videos.

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Cristina, I use Vimeo because their layouts seem more pleasant for web use and background. Including no logos.  If you have a video you'd really like to have on YouTube (for marketing purposes), upload it there too.  But for the sake of clean layouts on your site, link the vimeo url's.  Best of luck.  Quidate!  

~ Carlos

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