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Error when importing product list


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Hi I'm trying to do batch editing of my inventory but I can't import anything.

"The file product_import-v1.csv does not appear to be a supported file."

No matter what I do, I get the same error. I use OpenOffice Calc to edit it so I thought maybe it's modifying the file in some way that makes it invalid, but I've ruled that out because I can't even import the sample csv template immediately after downloading it. Like, I click "download csv template" then click "upload squarespace csv" and put the same file back in and it gives me the error.


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I'm having the same problem as Milestone and spent an hour with chat support.  She could do it, but I couldn't.  I used two different browsers and even stripped down the spreadsheet to very basics, as well as used their sample file too.  Then I posted our first product manually and exported that csv file, edited the cells to a new product and took out the product ID and variant ID in columns A and B, and it failed as well.  She suggested that I use Google Sheets and I created a video of my doing that and sent it to her to prove even that failed to load the spreadsheet.  

Not to Milestone: when I used Open Office, it merged two columns.  Be sure yours isn't doing that.  Even after I fixed that on it, nothing will load the spreadsheet.  It's frustrating and time consuming.


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I'm having the same problem. This has started for me since the import section changes from advanced settings to the inventory page. 

Also note that the new squarespace csv does not allow for image urls to be added.

It is incredibly frustrating that such a change has been made during such a busy period of the year. Squarespace, please find a solution ASAP.

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I have the same problem

I've been trying for 5 days, I've tried everything. With each contact with support they tell me different things (some absurd ones by the way) worse nothing than I manage to upload a file.
They have changed the process of loading products using a csv file, which:
- I had to upgrade to my plan, OK. I did it
- Now you cannot load the images of each product from the file, the only answer is that once you have processed the csv file, then load them one by one
- 5 days ago that I am trying to process a file that initially had 182 products and for testing I left it with only 4, but to date I have not succeeded

This is desperate and totally frustrating, I need to load the products urgently but the answers they give me is that they could process it, they suggest some steps for nothing works, I don't know what else to do

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