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Hide Specific Product from Shop

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Hi there, I have a Products page with multiple items listed.  I would like to hide 2 items from the Products page and only have visible/available through a Product block on a different page. If I make the products hidden on my Shop page, they are no longer available on the Product Block. Is this possible, to keep a product "published" but not visible on my main Products page?

Alternatively, if the above isn't possible - is there a way to remove the price visibility for those 2 specific items? On the Products page with thumbnails, as well as on the Product page itself? I would like to keep other items listed with pricing.

Thanks for the help!

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5 hours ago, tuanphan said:

I guess you can use custom code to hide specific products. Can you share link to product page, and which items need to hide?

Hi there, I will message you - the site is currently in development and password protected.

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A brief word of caution. The code above will only ‘hide’ these items, not remove them from public view. Searches will still reveal them. This may not be an issue for you, but I thought it should be mentioned. 

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