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Two Products, Two Email Lists, Two Order Confirmations

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Am I nuts or blind? Should't there be an easier way for people paying for the Commerce plan on Squarespace to easily send people buying two different products to two different confirmation pages and their emails to two different email lists on Mailchimp? 

Tell me I'm blind and there is a simple solution I'm missing, because I'm having to do some major finagling to make this all work, when it seems like a simple ask for Squarespace to simply add these options to the product builder section.

If you need to know what products I'm talking about they are at www.mystyleclass.com under the courses tab. I am currently just reworking the Order Confirmation emails to give them links to where they should land, but it requires too much customer work in my opinion.

Thanks or any help!
- Blind or Nuts in the PNW

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Wait! Could the same variable code used in the order confirmation emails somehow be used on the automatic Order confirmation page?

PS: And yes, I've tried using the Squarespace campaigns, they just aren't has powerful and as easy to build drip campaigns in.

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