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Removing Price Limit on Products

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I'm looking to remove the product price limit that is put on products in the squarespace store. I'm looking to put realty listings up there, but some of my listings are more than 1 millions dollars, but squarespace limits the price amount to anything under 1 million.

Anyone have a solution for me?

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I'm assuming that you're not actually offering the properties for purchase directly off your website. If that is the case I would simply set the price to 0, then depending on which template you are using you can hide the price in the style editor. 

From there I would manually enter the price into the product overview text.

The only real downside I can see is that you won't be able to display the price of the main product overview page, product blocks...

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Assuming the same thing as @ThompsonWebDesign another option would be to enter all your prices (on the backend) in a lower denomination (divide by 10, 100 or 1000) and then use a small snippet of code to multiply it by the same factor when displaying them to visitors. For example, you enter $180,000.00 but when it has been multiplied by 10 and the decimals removed, it will be displayed as $1,800,000. Of course, you may prefer to list as $1.8M.

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