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Any/All Feedback on a Real Estate site much appreciated :D

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Hi @TrentNader, I've just had a quick look at your website. Hope the following feedback is useful. I was waiting for a background image to load on the top part of the homepage. Should there

Ditto everything Garet said. If the video it set as the banner for that index section, I’d also suggest adding a fallback image. I’m viewing on mobile and also seeing just a blank/black section. 

Hi @TrentNader,

I've just had a quick look at your website. Hope the following feedback is useful.

I was waiting for a background image to load on the top part of the homepage. Should there be something there?

The three options below the header ('Find your dream home', etc.) are a good idea for allowing people to flow through the website. I would suggest changing the images to be more clear (or dropping them entirely). And I would add clear call to action (CTA) buttons/links below each section too.

Lastly, I wonder if the main navigation options could be condensed? By providing fewer options you allow people to flow through the site with more ease.

Hope that helps - Gareth 

Gareth K Thomas | Clarified.
- I will make your website work.
- Conversion optimisation, usability testing, analytics.

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@garethkthomas Thanks for the feedback! The video should load at the top of the home page...Also the 3 options below the header do have links behind the pictures, but I do agree that a button below might make that a bit more clear. As far as the main nav goes, I've looked at tons of other realtors websites and they all seem to have a similar number of links. I understand though how it could appear overwhelming at first glance. In terms of load speed, do you have any suggestions that might increase the time it takes for the video to load? On my end it takes a round 2-3 seconds, but I know it can be better/worse for others.


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Your About Me section is confusing.

It is titled 'About Me' and then talks about you in the third person.  If it is to be worded as it is then the title should be 'About Trent' or it needs to change from "Trent Nader moved......" to "I moved....."

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@TrentNader Love the drone videography on the homepage - makes me want to move back to Southern California. 🙂 

A few quick tips:

  • Consider working on your copy a bit - make it clearer why potential clients should choose you.  Consider quotes from happy clients, especially if you're just starting out.  Your "about me" section has lots of nice personal details, but it doesn't really SELL.
  • Think about some slightly more exciting fonts, while keeping things clean and simple.
  • In the future, think about adding a blog to keep ties with your clients and offer a bigger glimpse into what it's like working with you.

Hope this helps!

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