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Best Approach to Building a Large & Complicated Form?


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I have an Application Data Sheet with easily over 100 unique fields that I need to create as a submission form.  So real estate is at a premium.  It will require all types of form fields (radio, check, dropdown, text, etc.)  I really cant afford only 1 question per row. What is the best approach to creating this for my SquareSpace site?  Also, I have about 6 of these type of forms that I will need to build.  (Attached is about half of the first form.)



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Hi @RandyK9,

If you're building quite a complex form, I would consider going with a specific form building tool. Formstack has a Squarespace integration that is worth looking into. Typeform is another popular option, and there's info on how to embed into Squarespace here.

If the form is quite lengthy/complex, I would consider doing something with multiple pages/stages, in order to help users progress through the form.

Hope that helps - Gareth 

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