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I am trying to add a coffee subscription service to my shop.

My option seems to be creating a separate product of each type of subscription, but this quickly becomes cluttered and unwieldy. 

I'd like a simple form similar to this:


or this:


Is possible to recreate this directly in squarespace or would this require a plug in or coding?

Any help will be gratefully received!

Thanks, Eion

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The first thing to note is that both of these sites were built on Shopify. On Squarespace, you must create separate products for each subscription length and delivery cycle and manage these on the backend. You can't change this. Also, you cannot change the front end that the customer sees, without custom code.

The first site that you mentioned uses extensive custom coding that was created just for this site to create the 'wizard' style of form. However, you may be able to build something similar by embedding a Typeform form on your site.

In my opinion, the second site isn't a shining example of how a user interface (UI) should look, but a developer could build something that follows the general principle of selecting the product, subscription length and delivery cycle upfront, and then directing them to the appropriate subscription product. As I said, this makes it look better for the customer, but it does not change the complexity on the backend. If you have five types of coffee, offered on 3, 6 and 12 month billing cycles for delivery once or twice a month, that's still 30 different subscription products to manage, even if your customer just sees three dropdown selectors.  


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