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Hello there!

I have some issues with 7.1 default hamburger icon on mobile. Two thin lines are not bold enough to be noticeable and I would like to change it to thick three lines(and maybe different color so it pops out more?) or other alternatives that stands out more such as menu texts.  Could someone possibly share the answer?

Thank you!

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10 minutes ago, Rayray03 said:

Hi there!

Thanks for your reply!

This is the url.(it's still not published.)  https://pepper-guppy-sw32.squarespace.com/


you can change to custom icon, by adding this code to Home > Design > custom CSS

.burger-inner:after {
    content: "";
    background-image: url(https://image.flaticon.com/icons/svg/877/877951.svg);
    background-size: contain;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: left;
    background-color: transparent !important;
    display: block;
    width: 50px;
    height: 20px;
.burger-inner:before {display:none;}


 Send me a message if you have any questions.

OFF forum from Jan 16 - Jan 31.

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Thank you so so much, tuanphan! 

I really appreciate your quick help! Could I possibly ask you one more thing? While I was checking the icon on my phone I realized that on some pages my mobile hamburger and the whole menu items are pushed slightly to the right. (Not from the CSS you provided, default two thin line hamburger icon does the same thing.)

For example, when I'm on video tutorial page(https://pepper-guppy-sw32.squarespace.com/video-tutorials) the hamburger icon is in the right place and shows the menu list right. Some other pages such as HOME, Curated posts and etc, the hamburger icon and the menu list themselves are more towards the right and the icon gets cut. I can't seem to understand why they behave differently. Any chance you could help me with this?

Thank you thank you!


video tutorial page_menu.jpg

video tutorial page_menu2.jpg



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