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Improving Accessibility Score - Links and Buttons Do Not Have Accessible/Discernible Name - Help!

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I'm trying to improve my accessibility scores, and my audit is flagging up the following issues (see images 1 & 2). The "links do not have a discernible name" is point to the images in image 3, attached below. 

My website is johnbristoltherapy.co.uk. 

I have tried to change the name of the images in the content box, but it's not having an impact. And I can't find a way to edit the mobile menu button. 

Any help greatly appreciated!




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Hi John,

Is this the Google Lighthouse accessibility tool that you're using? It appears to be flagging the image overlay, not the image itself:


The problem is that the anchor elements are empty. You'd have to retroactively fix this with Javascript by adding in an aria-hidden attribute or adding innerHTML content. Similarly, the mobile navigation menu button can be fixed by adding in an aria-label.

These are the kinds of issues my team and I fix often. If you're interested in having us take a look, feel free to DM me or hit us up at squareada.com.

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Hey John,

I've wrote up a short script that should solve your problem, I've included it in this blog post I wrote explaining how to solve the accessibility button issue: https://jolsonweddings.com/education/squarespace-buttons-accessible-name

In short, you just have to add some extra HTML to your footer to give the buttons Aria-labels.

Good luck!


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@Jolsonphotography Hey Josh, good on you for sharing and helping others to improve the accessibility of their websites 🙂.

For info, you can improve this further by placing all the querySelector statements within just one OnInit function, rather than two (or more). It won’t change what it does, but it will be more efficient.

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