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image block subtitle bold color

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Hello, I am doing a Price Table with Image Blocks on my website.  I would like to emphasize the difference in the price tables by highlighting in bold the new items offered in the more expensive price table.  The problem is selecting bold for the subtitle text doesn't make it stand out enough from the regular subtitle text color.  What would be the CSS code injection to change the subtitle bold text color for the subtitles?

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How about adding a background color to the subtitle to make it stand out? If you will post the link to your site, someone can help you out!

If you are using a Brine family template and poster image blocks, this code will work for you. Paste it in Design > Custom CSS. You'd just change out the hex code for the color you want. 

.sqs-block-image .design-layout-poster .image-subtitle p {
    background-color: #aa2727;
    box-shadow: 0.25em 0 0 #aa2727, -0.25em 0 0 #aa2727;

.sqs-block-image .image-block-outer-wrapper.image-block-v2 .image-subtitle p {
    display: inline;
    margin: 0;
    word-wrap: break-word;
    overflow-wrap: break-word;


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