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Check out my website

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Would love some really honest feedback on my website. www.littlenestboutique.shop I am getting a bit of traffic but no conversions yet. Just want to know if it is easy to navigate easy to read etc etc.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Nat,

I've just had a quick look at your website.

The logo is appearing very large to me, and it's pushing the rest of the content (including the main navigation) about halfway down the page.

When I land on your site I'm not immediately sure what it is you do. Attention spans are so short online, and you only have a tiny amount of time to capture people's interest. I tend to work on the basis that it needs to be unbelievably obvious what a website does in order to make it work.

I had a quick look at your Instagram page. I would do some work on increasing followers there, as that would be a good social signal that your store is genuine and popular. I really love the photography of the kids on there and would love to see more of that on your store.

Hope that helps - Gareth 

Gareth K Thomas | Clarified.
- I will make your website work.
- Conversion optimisation, usability testing, analytics.

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awesome site! Nice job. One thing that stuck out to me was the area where you have "coming soon" and "sold out" for the product Little Summer Stretch Knit. It also appears to be featured twice. For the user it could be confusing on it you are out of stock or if it is a new product coming. I would go with one. 


Again nice work. I am buiding a site now and it is alot of work. Good luck!

Edited by LouisianaJoan

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