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From landing page to full website

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One of my client hates his current website so he asked me to build a simple landing page while I work on a full website that will go live later. 

The landing page is ready and I'm about to connect it via GoDaddy (it's an .au website so I'm connecting not transferring). 

I'm currently thinking that trying to create the new website in the unlink section and then moving the pages to make the site goes live is going to be too complicated and might disturb the live landing page. Should I just create a new site and transfer the domain again once I'm ready? I also trying to think about the best strategy for billing for my client.

Hope this make sense! Thank in advance for your help 🙂

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Hi Gareth,

Their original website is on Joomla and the landing page I'm building is on Squarespace. I want them to eventually have their new full website on Squarespace. 

Cheers. Marie

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Similar situation. My client has a website on Wordpress, their domain is through Google Domains. They want to launch an ecommerce site before migrating the rest of their WordPress content into SquareSpace down the road. Can we set up a SquareSpace ecommerce site along with their Wordpress site on the same domain? Or would we need a subdomain? 

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I did this for a client whose  site went down and needed something in a hurry. I threw up a coming soon page, had their domain repointed to that page. I made it the home page with no buttons or links to see the rest of the new site I was building. Once I finished the site including the new home page, I just disabled the landing page. This was was much easier and quicker to transition to than having two SS sites and moving the domain again and the account. 

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37 minutes ago, cybertrunk09 said:

I have running a website of E commerce store that sell the jackets. I want to make full stretch landing page with my product of  cyberpunk leather jacket. How to make it in Square space platform?

I would think, that you start basically from scratch with SS, pick a template, build your site, once it is done, repoint your domain which is a bit easier than transferring it to Squarespace. 

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On 3/15/2020 at 5:11 PM, cybertrunk09 said:

I have running a website of E commerce store that sell shirts. I want to make full stretch landing page with my product of  carti shirts. How to make it in Square space platform?

Well, hey trunk I hope you would have shifted to squarespace by now, just wanna know if you liked it or not. How is it going? Should I go for it? Do you recommend it or not? Did it effect your ranking or something. Does it support the load and is it userfriendly to use? I am sorry if i have barged you with many questions. But any help is appreciated.

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