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Which Template Should I Use to Implement a Design Like This?

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Hey there, I have used squarespace before to make a site, however the group I was making the website for had already decided upon a template. They used the Bedford template and It did what I wanted it to do, but at times it just wasn't flexible enough. Now I am being given a specific design that looks very similar to Bedford but slightly different. I wondered if anyone here knew of a template that would be most conducive to me implementing the images that I am posting. Having proper headers, a menu bar above the menu bar, a sidebar, but only on specific pages, a footer and a pre-footer, divs with their own colors that you can put blocks in and images, etc.

Thanks in advance.




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1 hour ago, Graemetg said:

It is a member of the Bedford family of templates I think but Hayden might be worth looking at.

Not sure about having a menu bar above the menu bar but I think it could fulfil your other requirements.

Hey, thanks for the response. I know that some things are only going to be possible through custom CSS, why do you suggest Hayden? Looking at it I cannot see a big difference between it and Bedford. Do you know of a template that allows maximum flexibility?

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