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Feedback on Client Site

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Hi All, 


I actually posted for help in the commerce section, but figured while on, I would go ahead and submit a client site for feedback and overall impressions. 


In advance, I do know I have to change her favicon, hah. 

Relevant, or not relevant info, the client is a women's clothing boutique with a desired color scheme that was largely just black and white with tinges of color. Main purpose of course was e-commerce functionality and ability to sell via instagram as well. 

Would love to get feedback on the design for both pros and cons and areas to potentially amend. Thanks! 


Calico Jane Boutique




Additionally: If anyone, has any knowledge here was my commerce inquiry. Help Me Here.


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I think the site looks really good! You did a great job. The images are bright, the layout is clean. I also like the flashing free shipping at the top.  The only thing I would change is the pop up in the lower left. From a user experince the frequency this flashs could be a bit of a distraction. 

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I'd stretch the pop up times of the social proofs and give a heavy delay to the newsletter popup. 
It's like – "Oh hey I'm Andy, let's have a coffee in my room!"

"Yes the preview window expanding randomly is annoying isn't it?
We were just having a laugh about how long it has been like that."

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Hi @sinjinhilaski,

I've just had a quick look at your website. Looks good!

I'm getting a few pop-ups (mailing list sign-up, recently purchased data, a flashing 'free shipping' banner). All these things can work, but put together and as soon as you land on a site, it can feel a little overwhelming. It may reduce interaction/trust, increase frustration, and cause issues with bounce rates.

I love what you've said about the colour scheme, and I think that sets out a nice USP for the brand. However, that doesn't seem to be clearly represented on the homepage. I would try to convey that message using great photography.

I would also try to reduce down the number of calls to action (CTA) on the homepage. There's currently 'Shop Now!', 'Read more', 'Talk to us!', and a newsletter sign-up form). Pick one clear CTA for the homepage and make sure everything else reinforces that action.

Hope that helps - Gareth 

Gareth K Thomas | Clarified.
- I will make your website work.
- Conversion optimisation, usability testing, analytics.

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I just looked at your site and think you did an excellent job. The only changes I’d make is that bottom banner that keeps popping up every ten seconds saying a customer  just purchased so and so item/product. I find it somewhat distracting and unnecessary. I also feel that  the background (herringbone brick/stone) for the clothing is not the most flattering. I realize maybe the intention is a rustic feel of some sort but I think in this case, better photography and a cleaner background will elevate/showcase her clothing much better. Good luck! I can see that you put a lot of time and work into this.

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