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Integrating Product Variants W/Facebook Catalogue


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Hi All, 


First time posting for support, usually a lot of questions I have have already been answered but I can't find anything specific on this.

I've built out a client's e-commerce site for her boutique, Calico Jane Boutique (feel free to leave feedback, and I know I still have to change her favicon). 

While the product listings have all been built out, in connecting her store with Facebook for selling there and on Instagram, I noticed none of my size or color variants, and the inventory count with them, are translating over. That is to say the first thumbnail and image will appear, the catalog will register that they're in stock--but without a quantity--and none of the variants show up in terms of size or color. 

Has anyone found a way to resolve this other than manually exporting the csv and formatting it? Of course, it could be done, but in the interest of time in regular maintenance I'm hoping someone found a way to communicate size and color variants with their respective quantity count. 


Thanks in advance!

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@sinjinhilaski @BCB @jonhan 

After many trials and tribulations, contacting both Facebook and Squarespace support, I finally came across this article that fixed everything for me: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001257067

Use bulk upload to set a scheduled feed. Then under Instagram and Pixel settings in Squarespace, there are URLs provided to use. I believe you can stick with the Instagram link unless you're looking to enable dynamic ads with Pixel.

This has automated everything for me nicely - my product variants are now all settled under one group ID, etc. So relieved to have fixed this and I hope that it helps one of you!

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Posted (edited)

I believe I followed those steps correctly but I still do not have my variants from Squarespace showing in my Facebook/Instagram shop. Did I miss something else?

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