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Using Revolution Slider with Squarespace


I'm having trouble determining for certain whether the jQuery version of Revolution Slider could be made to work with a Squarespace site. The documentation mentions that you need to upload several folders (assets, css, fonts, js) containing files to the web server, which you can't really do with Squarespace (you can just upload individual JavaScript files or other asset files). But maybe having a folder structure isn't necessary. Is it possible to use Revolution Slider with Squarespace?

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I haven't worked with Revolution Slider but I have adapted other JavaScript utilities to work with Squarespace. 

If you have non minified code it's relatively straightforward, though can take some time,  to go through the code and swap out all references to /assets/ /css/  /fonts/ and replace them with /s/.  That sets the code to expect everything to be in one folder.

You should now move everything from /assets/ /css/  /fonts/ into a single directory with your script and test it locally. If it all works you should be good to upload all of the files to the Squarespace site. This can be time consuming because you need to upload the files one at a time. 

Another option, if you are working in Squarespace 7.0, is to work in developer mode, where you have the flexibility to upload folder structures.  This comes with a downside - your template is effectively locked the moment you engage developer mode - but it means there's no hassle in modifying folder structures. 

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