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Exclude Product to Discount Code


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Hey All,

I'm trying to find a workaround for a discount rule.

If a customer comes in and orders $45 or more they automatically get 10% OFF. (Buy 2 games get 10% OFF)

I just recently added a mug to sell, however, I don't want that mug to be included in the offer.

- Is this possible? Is there a code I could use to exclude the mug?

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Yes, just add the products to two different categories. Then make your discount code apply to the specific category that your products are in instead of the customers entire order. Though multiple conditions can't be used with discount codes.


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Yes, you are right. Unfortunately Squarespace doesn't allow for discounts with multiple conditions. This does mean that it will have to be one or the other and as this is something at the system level of Squarespace there isn't really a way around it.

The only real way around the problem would be to keep the discount code by category. Then post a notice that says if you are buying two or more games use discount code YOURDISCOUNTCODE at checkout and trust that only eligible customers will use the discount code. It's not a great solution but really the only viable one.

I would recommend also submitting a feature request with Squarespace Support for multiple conditions with discount codes.

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