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Feedback on a site for a small business

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On 11/9/2019 at 9:37 PM, aquiller said:

Hello Everyone,

Developing a website for my small business and would love some constructive criticism.  I still have to complete the testimony, blog, and our process pages but do have a skeleton template in place for these pages.  The web address is https://www.aquillercole.events/intro1.  Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Hi, Aquillar:

Your site is beautiful and elegant... perfect for your business.  There were two things I think, however, that I would change a bit.

First:  your main image at the top of the home page is beautiful and works perfectly, but not a second time below that where you have used it as a background image for a click through.  It just seems to make the page look like it has two "banners" or wide stripes across the front page - that seems to break up the page to me so I would try using a different image for the click through, and, make it smaller at both margins (indent the white space).

Second: the image of "Follow Us on Instagramis not scaled appropriately and it is annoying to see your face so distorted... do not know how to fix this if it is somehow dependent on Instagram, but it definitely does not do you justice!  (The image above where you introduce yourself is perfect.

Hope this helps and is what you are looking for.


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I have to echo what others have said. Font is a bit small and doesn't contrast enough to be easily readable. Your photo on the bottom of the main page is stretched and doesn't flatter you as it should. I have to say your work is beautiful and I'm sure you'll build a site with the same beauty and elegance as your event design.

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Hi, there,

A few thoughts:

The site is beautiful and seems to reflect your aesthetic, but it's a little too washed out, in my opinion. Slightly darker, larger text would help.

I love the gold accents throughout your Instagram account -- bring in the gold to your website for consistency and also to add some glamour and color to your page.

In the brief description of what you do at the top, I did not gather that you do wedding design. Spell it out for visitors, and say precisely what you do.

In your Meet Aquiller section, rewrite so you describe you and yourself right now, not the development of your business over time. Make what you're good at and what you do clear and obvious in the text.


Good luck!


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I well designed beautiful site and can really see your marketing view. 

Some quick tips whilst looking on my mobile. 

- maybe a darker grey for the writing, was hard to read. 

- photos look great, just as other people have said bit washed out with the writing on them. 

- I think the social media images are to big and should make them a little smaller. If people want to go to your social page, they will look at the footer or your header. 

- I think you need a well designed finished footer with some navigations, contact details, maybe even a newsletter capture. 

I always look at the bottom of a page for a contact detail section. You built this, you should make it easy for the customers to contact you. 

Great work

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