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Adding More Products Pages

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Hi, I have some questions in regards to the product pages. So I will have about 800 products in my shop and will therefore have to create 4 product pages. When I was about to create page 2, I didn't understand how they will be connected. From the search bar, on the first page, I can only seem to search through Shop 1. Shop 2 doesn't seem to appear. And the categories created on Shop 1, doesn't seem to add the products from Shop 2. Is this true? Because that seems  to me, like there will be 4 different shops. 

I would appreciate any help or advice

Thanks in advance

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Yes, that's the case. Product Pages are not connected, but if you need more than 200 products, separate pages are a necessity. If you want to use Squarespace you'll want to place different classes of products on different pages. You may want to question whether Squarespace is the right platform for your store if you have more than 800 products though. 

There are some workarounds but the details and advice will depend on your site's configuration. If you provide a working link to the site it helps us to understand the issues and provide better advice.

I hope that helps.

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