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Cookie Banner - Close/Hide button

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I've currently drafting/creating a Cookie Banner for GDPR reasons, and was wondering if it's possible to add an 'X' button to close/ignore the pop up should users not wish to give consent?

I can't seem to find any other style adjustments for this purpose.

You can see from the screen shot that I'm trying to use the Cookies banner to allow the website user to give consent to analytic cookies + data collected via contact forms, where analytic data is turned off by default, but it would be helpful if there was a 'close banner' button if users did not want to give this type of consent and to 'hide' the banner, so to speak.

I realise this is somewhat of a work around instead of using a third party app/code to create a more detailed GDPR banner, but nonetheless I was wondering if this was possible, and/or if anyone had any other genius solutions/examples that have worked for them.

Any advice would be super helpful and much appreciated :)

Thanks in advance



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Dear @JGraham,


we at www.weber-packaging.de have the same problem.

The GDPR (§ DSGVO, in German) wants us to show a much more detailed user experience regarding the cookie banner. I think the Squarespace team will provide a solution as soon as a lot of clients like us circle members do need, want and ask for that.

A letter from an association before us says:

- - - - -

Notes on cookie banners 

Berlin, 01 November 2019

We take the ECJ ruling of 01.10.2019 and the previous statement of the German data protection authorities as an opportunity to give you information on the use of cookies on your online presence.

What has happened?

§15 Abs. 3 Telemediengesetz (TMG) provides for an "opt-out regulation" for cookies. Accordingly, cookies may first be set, but must be able to be deactivated by the user. Once the DSGVO became effective, there was controversy as to whether this paragraph could still be applied.

The Federal Government was of the opinion that the cookie information obligations under the Telemedia Act had already been implemented in conformity with EU law. The DSGVO, however, stands above laws and legal systems of the member states under Union and national law. In questions of interpretation or contradictions, the DSGVO applies logically.

The supervisory authorities, as well as the European Court of Justice in its ruling of 1 October 2019, therefore make it clear that the TMG does not apply here and that the setting of cookies requires express consent.

- - - - - 

Then there are following some recommendations ...



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Thanks for your response.

I guess the current Cookie Banner options cover most non European situations for GDPR, but in terms of businesses trading in or with European countries, the current options do not adequately meet the requirements for GDPR according tot he legislation (from what I understand of it). Using a third party to fill these requirements (at least in my mind), only further complicates the problem and would be better resolved within Squarespace itself as additional Banner options etc, but having said that, it depends on the needs of the business and whether any additional options would actually cover all use cases, so I can see why it's perhaps not likely to happen.

To my point, it would be at least nice for the end user of the website to be able to 'hide' or close the pop-up banner with the simple addition of a 'close' / 'X' button on the banner itself.

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58 minutes ago, calibratedconcepts said:

Have we found a solution to this? We need to be able to allow people to opt-out of cookies and such. 

I guess we can add some code to cookies notice. If you share link to an example site, I can take a look

Email me if you have need any help (free, of course.). Answer within 24 hours. 
Or send to forum message

Contact Customer Care - Learn CSS - Buy me a coffee (thank you!)

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@tuanphan i have the same issue! actual cookies banner is not in line with European Law. From now on, it has to be detailed overview of all the cookies used on the website, here attached is the screenshot of a third party cookies consent I have to use at the moment, since squarespace are offering none. i am not sure your can "fix" it with the code.

when this will be escalated? this has to be fixed asap, otherwise I do not understand why squarespace is even available for European businesses? 

Bildschirmfoto 2020-07-09 um 18.00.29.png

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I am facing the same issue with our company website. I am now forced to look at  third-party providers, but this is proving difficult as well. I am testing several different ones, but one of them already didn't work, because injecting their code was deleting the entire top banner of our page. For the second one, it is difficult for me to find the appropriate place to inject the code - I am still looking. I have no coding experience, so this is definitely a bit of a headache for me. And not to mention the cost! Most of the providers are much more expensive for a yearly subscription than the website subscription itself....

Have any of you found alternatives? 

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